A well kept secret

Portugal is one of the best wine producers in Europe. Why then isn’t it as well known as Spain, France or Italy? Well for one I’d say it’s because Portugal is a small country and consequently has a small production, and as in most things, they keep the best for themselves! Other than Port Wine which has been in the hands of the English since the beginning of times and has always been an object of trade for favors (Methuen Treaty in 1703), the regular red and white wine has been kept almost secret.

The Douro region has been producing wine for over 2,000 years and is one of the first demarcated regions in the world, established in 1758. Since 2001 this region is considered World Heritage by UNESCO.

vinho 1 vinho 1a

A beautiful region to visit and most recommended are the wines and good food! If you want the best, you’ll have to make your way here!

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