Word A Week Challenge – Roof

I’m pretty obsessed with roofs and mail boxes. So this week’s challenge was more a challenge of selecting the ones I wanted to post.

If you notice in most of these pictures the Portuguese Roof have a up turned tip, like the Chinese roofs. Since the 5th century, merchant ships traveled east and brought not only spices, silk, porcelain, metal and wood works but also architectural traditions. The mix of cultures is very evident and I just love the rustic and cozy touch it gives to the houses.

Then there’s the contrast of the granite houses with the red clay roofs, which is very interesting and is to be found in most villages in the north region of the country.

10 responses to “Word A Week Challenge – Roof

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  4. I love these roofs with character, especially the one with the flowers on the top
    I’m inviting you to link up to Travel Photo Mondays, the link is up all week, hope you can join us..

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