A Walk a Week – Salinas do Corredor da Cobra

“In the recent past to explore the estuary of the Mondego salt was one of the main economic activities of Figueira da Foz But the decline in activity led to a gradual abandonment or conversion of salt. Thus, in an attempt to conserve the mines, Figueira da Foz County in 2000 acquired the salt mines of  “Snake Corridor”, where a small museum was established .
Here they give new “marnotos” (salt-makers) formation and the activity of the salt production was resumed in 2001. This artisan salt intends to tackle large units of industrial production of salt, differentiating its product by being 100% natural and of organic origin.
Every year from June to September “marnotos” harvest the salt. Up to 50 tons of salt is retrieved and sold at € 0.12 / kg. During the rest of the year the salt mine is in maintenance, cleaning and preparation for the coming year.

During the period of the crop, nurseries are being filled with water from the  Mondego River estuary. Then, a part of the water evaporates by heat and wind, concentrating the salt. When it reaches a certain concentration, the water is guided to pass on to progressively smaller plots: “Vasas”. Every three days the “marnotos” collect the crystallized salt ponds and the whole process starts agaian by filling the plots with fresh water of the Mondego.”

Reference: Salinas do Corredor da Cobra

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