“That old world feel”…Mail Boxes

I just love to portrait these old rusty mailboxes. They are very typical in the countryside and just give this nostalgic feeling of an object that is slowly becoming obsolete…

The Cock of Barcelos

The legend of the Cock of Barcelos tells the story of a dead rooster’s miraculous intervention in proving the innocence of a man who had been falsely accused and sentenced to death. The story is associated with the 17th-century calvary that is part of the collection of the Archeological Museum located in Paço dos Condes, a gothic-style palace in Barcelos, a city in the Braga District of northwest Portugal.

According to the legend, silver had been stolen from a landowner in Barcelos, and the inhabitants of that city were looking for the criminal who had committed the crime. One day, a man from neighboring Galicia turned up and became suspect, despite his pleas of innocence. The Galician swore that he was merely passing through Barcelos on a Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela to complete a promise.

Nevertheless, the authorities arrested the Galician and condemned him to hang. The man asked them to take him in front of the judge who had condemned him. The authorities honored his request and took him to the house of the magistrate, who was holding a banquet with some friends. Affirming his innocence, the Galician pointed to a roasted cock on top of the banquet table and exclaimed, “It is as certain that I am innocent as it is certain that this rooster will crow when they hang me.” The judge pushed aside his plate because he decided to not eat the rooster. But still, the judge ignored the Galician’s appeal.

However, while the pilgrim was being hanged, the roasted rooster stood up on the table and crowed as the Galician predicted. Understanding his error, the judge ran to the gallows, only to discover that the Galician had been saved from hanging thanks to a poorly made knot in the rope. The man was immediately freed and sent off in peace.
Info: Wikipedia


Just one more of my favorite mail boxes from the lovely village Almoçageme tucked away in Sintra’s Mountain range just some 40 kms north west of Lisbon.

mail box Almoçageme

Well I think it’s about time I add some of my new findings! I’m always on a look out for new mail boxes during my treks and walks around the country side.

I came across this lovely old mail box at the entrance of an apartment building in Lisbon on Rua de São Bento, had to peek in the building, though.


My finding in the city of Guarda, famed for being Portugal’s coldest city due to it’s height (elevation of around 3465 ft) has historically functioned as a strong, fortified defensive site and has a wonderful intact city center built all in granite. It provided surveillance and protection for Portugal from attacks of Spanish forces and the Moors. Located near the border dividing Portugal and Spain on the northeast part, Guarda became a significant military base in the past. The location is now appreciated for the magnificent, wide views of plains reaching all the way to Spain.



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