Versatile Liebster Blogger Award…Thingie

I’m flattered to have been awarded with the “Versatile Liebster Blogger Award”, something I was not expecting after such a short time in the cyber world. But since I like challenges and getting to connect with other souls of likewise spirit. Here goes my feedback to the mechanism, which I hereby explain the rules. “Kinda” to paraphrase he who nominated me ;)

  1. Thank, or curse, whoever nominated you. Whatever you feel like.
  2. Write up to 11 things about you
  3. Answer the 11 questions (or less) you were asked, and make up up to 11 new ones for whoever you’d like to tag
  4. Choose up to 15 people that you want to make your readers discover, and link to them
  5. Notify those people
  6. No tagging the tagger
  7. Whoever you nominate doesn’t have to do anything. Up to them. Well, maybe they should say thanks. Or something. But nothing else, if they don’t want to.

Here we go!


1. I read newspapers and magazines from back to front, don’t ask me why.

2. Travelling doesn’t necessary means leaving town with a suitcase, I’m more than pleased to put on my thinking cap and walk my neighborhood as if I were here for the first time.

3. I wouldn’t be the same without a camera.

4. When I’m off to a photo session spree, I already have the story board in my head. I’ll always register images from macro to micro every step of the way. The challenge is to select from many to the least and still have the story told.

5. I live by the “backpack concept”: The more you carry around with you, the heavier the load, thus slower and more burdened will you move. Unpack every once in a while is worth the effort.

6. I’m dyslexic, so pardon my spelling and confused flow of thoughts and as often as I may proof read, I plainly don’t “see” some of my mistakes :)

7. My book reading sprees are seasonal, so don’t ask me what’s at my night table right now.

8. I’ve lived all my life in foreign lands and have no affinity to the country which’s passport I bear, something like a forced world person.

9. I have no patience with arrogant people

10. I find cooking is a sublime vehicle of creativity and an expression of love towards oneself.

11. If cornered I’ll white lie to avoid embarrassment  – so don’t confront me ;)


  1. When it comes to reading, are you more paper, digital, or both? Paper definitely
  2. If you could have one superpower, what would you pick? Be able to travel in time
  3. How much time do you sleep at night? 6 hours and I’m fine for the next day
  4. How much time would you like to sleep at night? Maybe 8 every once in a while would charge my batteries a bit more.
  5. What’s the last thing that brought a smile on your face? My new Lumix/Leica camera I just bought last Friday. I giggled all evening and I’m still smiling.
  6. What do you do with your free time? Outdoors as much as possible with a camera in my hands
  7. What’s your favorite food? Spicy homemade oven cooked meals. Not picky.
  8. How happy are you with your life? 100%
  9. Am I boring you with all these questions? No
  10. No, Seriously? Seriously, don’t be insecure. :)
  11. What would you do with a million euros? I’d say goodbye to friends and family and take off to a around the world cheap trek trip for some 6 months. The rest I’d put in the bank for next year’s follow up trip :)

Oh Dear!! I was forgetting to add my questions! (you see how dyslexic I am?!)


1- What inspires you?

2- How do you react in an awkward situation?

3- Do you laugh about yourself?

4- What’s your favorite color?

5- If you could choose, where would you live?

6- How many languages do you speak?

7-If you look at a picture of a dog, which word comes to your mind?

8- Could you describe yourself in two words?

9- You have to immigrate immediately, what would you take with you if you had to carry it with yourself?

10- A dream come true, would be?

11- A cup of coffee?


330 Days Around the World

Lens and Pens by Sally



Portrait Café

Leanne Cole

Wondering Rose

and one more to my list of my favorite blogs:

Dream Pray and Love

9 responses to “Versatile Liebster Blogger Award…Thingie

  1. Congratulations, you know that I am a fan. Thank you for the nomination. Since I already was honored with the Versatile Blogger Award, I humbled to add the Liebster. Thanks again, and happy blogging.

      • Wow!Thanks so much for the nomination, really appreciate! :)) I promise to go through all the rules in the mechanics!This is surely gonna be fun! I wish the rule said I can tag you back in the list:) Thanks again, God bless you! <3

  2. Thanks again for playing along, it’s nice to discover more things about you. Looking forward to the pics with the new cam, and hope you had fun writing all this :)

  3. Hello: As you know, part of a technical condition of responding to a nomination, is the need to comment on your site (a little iffy on exactly where to comment???) but I’m pleased to say that I have listed No Step Too Loose as a recommendation for the Sunshine Award. It all seems a little hooky, but If you wish to pursue this please see my site at under the “Awards” Page. 
And thank you for your time and effort in producing your most enjoyable posts. Sincerely, Mschulze.

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