“that old world feel”…at the table

Lisboa Down Town

Portugal is famed for its excellent fish, seafood and good wine to wash it down with!

Going out to feast at a “Marisqueira/ Cervejaria” (seafood restaurant) is a very serious traditional Sunday family en-devour!

They love to discuss food and boast of where one can eat well. The conversation will indisputably lead you to the most remote corner of the country to try a special, or not necessarily so special,  dish – even hamburgers are on the “must try” list. Believe me, they will drive kilometers just to savour on a season specialty or home-made cooking delicatessen of some sort.  The smaller and more tucked away the restaurant, the better!

Down town Lisbon is dotted with some old-fashioned, somewhat run down old restaurants that, to the common tourist, may look shabby or dubious. If the house is full with locals – ask for a table and let your taste buds rejoice. I just love these demodé signage that decorate the city landscape!

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