What influences me

Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier

Aging with grace and a deep meaning of life is something that really knocks me off my feet and gives me hope that it’s doable, specially if the examples come from women who lived hard lives at a time where there was little, if no, room for them – women who were way ahead of their time and have battled to leave us a legacy of courage and passion! Lead me, please!

Leanne Cole Photography: Influencing Me – Vivien Maier

Beautifully inspiring!

6 responses to “What influences me

    • Yes Lara! I had to reblog this post from “Leanne Cole Photography” (check link above). It amazes me how beautifully she captured time on those black and white images of ever day life. It’s a lesson of humbleness, one doesn’t need to travel to exotic places to capture precious moments…that’s the bottom line I’ve taken from her work. From her life, I’ve take courage and passion to pursue what makes our hearts skip a beat! Thanks for dropping bye and hope to see you more often. :)

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