“that old world feel”…Swallows on my windowpane

Almoçageme - Andorinhas

Almoçageme – Andorinhas

At this time of the year Portuguese villages are replete with busy, twittering, low flying swarms of swallows.  Just wonderful to watch!

One of the best known symbolism of these birds is linked to sailors, who often make a swallow tattoo as a symbol of good luck and hope of a safe return home.

It’s known that swallows do not fly to places far from shore. To view a swallow at sea means that land is near. When they migrate, they return home every year to the same place, independently of where their migratory flight took them.

Their symbolism is also connected to love. These birds have one partner for their whole life, thus they are directly associated with love and loyalty to family or partners.

Decorating the Portuguese houses with swallows has become  a true national icon. In 1891 Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro Ceramic Manufacturer presented the market with swallow shaped ceramics and since then they have been decorating the in and outside of the homes.

May our lives be like a swallow’s:

Proximity in the fulfillment of our wishes,

safe homecoming

and a love in our lives to walk alongside,

hand in hand.

2 responses to ““that old world feel”…Swallows on my windowpane

  1. Fascinating glimpse about the life and legacy of swallows; and nice picture. Their devotion to a mate for life reminds me of the Mourning Dove here in the eastern US.

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