no comfort zone, or better yet, bad ass me

Yellow Krav Maga Belt

As if I had no other challenging sport to keep me out of my comfort zone, I decided to accept one of my friend’s invitation to try something new. I went, first because she begged me to since she didn’t want to go alone and second, because I was looking for something to keep me active during the week. Trekking and rock climbing are normally weekend activities for those who have the so called “9 to 5 job” and the plain gym work out has never tickled my fancy. I find it boring and very claustrophobic to be pumping muscles indoors, so off I went.

Needless to say that before adventuring into  tackling the new beast, I did what anyone with common sense would do: I surfed the web for more info. I wish I  hadn’t, it got me all queasy about what I had just let myself into. Silently I cursed my friend for making me promise I’d go with her but I saw the practical and potential side of it too. In the times we are living in safety is something that one should have in mind when traveling to the off tracks like I do and this could come in handy someday (hopefully not).

So, there I went without a further thought and what the heck, if I didn’t like it or, if physically I couldn’t handle it, I could drop it, right? At least that way I wouldn’t loose face nor friend.

Day 1, a class of about 15 members of all different shapes and sizes and to my surprise a good number of women in the mix. So my stigma of rough and tough went down the drain and happily I jump to the opportunity of learning something challenging and way off the norms. That´s what I do best!

As a starter, warm up was strenuous and tough – I was panting after 10 minutes and joyous that the other members were in the same level of stress and some in an even worst state – one on the board for me!

Now came the hard part, the “ballet” of waving hands, body and feet in many directions as if in a flowing dance of strength and beauty. Ha, no joy! I felt like an ugly duckling in the middle of gracious swans.

I’m very sporty, have done lots of sport all my life and thought I was pretty coordinated, but this was something really difficult to do! The last time I had this feeling was when I sat at the drivers side of a car with a gear shift and had to drive off with an instructor…all hands, eyes, ears, feet and mind working in complete balance – theoretically all is tangible but, getting the hack and coordination going is another story.

My father always said that stubbornness is one of my best, and at time, worst traits and it came in just handy this time around. I did the 60 minutes of ugly duckling dance – no one laughed and I think this is due to the fact that, they all have gone through the same process. At the end of the class some of the other girls asked slyly if we were going to join the group and not to worry, the crumbliness would wear off with practice.

So here I am (8 months, twice a week training) off to my yellow belt trendy Krav Maga exam on Saturday. What will I get from this? A place in the pack of heavy duty Krav friends, a “bad ass” feeling of “don’t you mess with me attitude” and great fun kicking ass out of my comfort zone.

The only back lash to this, photography has no place here, either boxing gloves or camera. :)

2 responses to “no comfort zone, or better yet, bad ass me

  1. Hi Dear Friend! I told you I would be following you in your Blog soon, so… TODAY’S THE DAY!!!!
    … and it’s the right time since you decided to bring me up in your blog by posting KRAV MAGA and the fantastic experience where I “forced” you in… Especially today, when we woke up with our first color in our belt… I feel proud about it because we BOTH deserved it!!! We trained, we sweat, we insisted and persisted and we MADE IT!! Now let’s focus on the next training and head for the Orange belt… since that is the color when we start getting the other’s respect (my opinion).
    Many big kisses and see you on Tuesday!!!

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