“that old world feel”…pamper please


If you come to Lisbon girls, you must stop by my favorite glove shop on Rua do Carmo, Chiado and buy a pair of gloves! It’s a mini shop and you will be attended by the owner himself with all the pomp and circumstances of a queen…he’ll measure your hand and then before fitting the glove he’ll powder it, widen it with a special instrument and he will fit in your hand with your elbow placed on a small cushion on top of the counter…very pampering! This is service in the old fashion :)

Luvas Ulisses

5 responses to ““that old world feel”…pamper please

  1. I absolutely loved my glove-shopping experience in Luvaria Ulisses!!! And the gloves are the most soft, wellfitting gloves I ever wore. And the prize? Same as a pair in any departmentstore, which don’t leave you with this experience to remember every time you put the gloves on.

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