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Peniche, Portugal

Peniche, Portugal

Came across this picture last night while going through my files for inspirations. Here’s the story. This is the day my most adorable, all-around handy Lumix-Leica lens compact camera drowned at sea…

You see that sea? Looks calm, right? But no. Tricky straight. The moment I was passing around the rocks (note: I still had my camera in my hand because I had just taken this picture 1 minutes before), and was surprised by a wave that gave me just enough time to jump onto a rock, losing my balance in the process and consequently letting the Lumix drop! I managed to save it from being washed away but lost it to the salt water. No salvage possible, salt and electronics are not compatible. Such a stupid, expensive mishap!

Lesson to take home? When trekking, don’t be over confident.

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