Mud me

muddy legs

Since I started with out door activities I turned the tables on how I view rainy days and other ‘uncomfortable’ natural phenomenons and look at them through a new perspective. I perceive rain and all the uncomfortable things that the so called “bad days” bring as another adventure, a plus to my trek day! The more sensory experiences the merrier! The more to register, the better.

Don’t you remember as a child, whenever it rained we instinctively tended to want to explore it and splatter ourselves with delight and sense of freedom?

We should exercise being children again as often as we can – it brings our lives into perspective and cleans the dusty, stuffed up closet that we carry around with ourselves! I love to finish a trek’s day and look at my muddy happy feet… it brings back that smirk kid smile of accomplishment!

Play in the rain once and a while!

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