don’t trip on trips

boots Alvados

Trekking can be something tricky for newcomers. The first thing I learnt and fast, was to listen to my body, specially my feet and legs. Otherwise they’ll beat the winds out of you if you don’t take them into account. Not just sometimes, but always! You’ll be plagued by blisters, cramps, exhaustion, you name it! So learn to feel and listen to your body.

Next lesson I learnt was, when trekking, you trek, when sightseeing you look around. The balance of these two not so compatible activities, is a constant battle of priorities. It´s a tug-of-war that I have on a weekly bases, either I’m on the move or I’m taking pictures – both at the same time is not recommended. Oh no! It came the  hard way though, falling twice and on both occasions ending up at the hospital – once a cracked nose ridge and the other time a bad arm and leg bruises. Painful to say the least.

But practice makes perfect! Now a days, I have found a compatible method of keeping my eyes very wide open and attentive and stopping for the picture whenever necessary, even if it means having to sprint to catch up with the rest of my trekker troop. The drive to document my escapades is way stronger than my need to socialize amongst my fellow walkers.

The third lesson I got and get out of these off-track trips is that we touch base with time. Time in the old sense. In our modern society everything is spinning so fast, cause/ effect is almost immediate – if we don’t get a response here and now we start wondering what’s wrong… do you relate? We’ve developed a completely distorted concept of time. This is the backlash of our hectic web world! Trekking takes us back to nature and consequently nature’s cycle and the true sense of how long it takes to do something as simple as going form A to B with no aid other than our two legs and how much we can bear to carry while doing it. It is obvious to us all that Nature couldn’t give-a-damn if we are late or want results here and now. The seasons and the time it takes to germinate, grow and wither and start all over again is 12 months, period! And to cross a field takes the strength and training you put into it, period! There is no speeding it up. A nice mental exercise of self control.

Trekking every weekend awes and gratifies me with little indescribable odds-bits-and-ends about me and my surroundings. A constant zoom in, zoom out. An unlimited fountain of inspiration!

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