with a touch of passion…

lunch cat

It is said that we eat with our eyes, therefore one should always care for how the meal is presented. I love to cook! It works like a therapy to me and is just as satisfying as trekking and photography…and so many other hobbies that I have.

Yesterday I was stranded at home, sick with fever due to my strenuous trek this weekend – it pored cats and dogs and was very cold… needless to say that after 8 hours battering I took the toll home with me.

So what do I do sick at home?… Bed & Meds? Naaa

Humm, so let’s open the hobby drawer to see what pops out and voilá…off I go to the kitchen and delight myself with cooking. By the way, I don’t use cook books, I follow my Mom’s method, just put together all the things you like with a touch of passion and it will come out wonderful! Never spoiled a dish! She did wonders! I never saw someone be able to bring out a meal with nothing in the fridge like her and me obviously!! :)

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