the signs of time

Serra da Estrela, PortugalSheep Shepard

Serra da Freita, Portugal
Sheep Shepard

Hands are so expressive. I love to photograph hard-working hands! There is so much story stamped on them, the battering of time and hardship. The signs of labor cannot be hidden or mended.

Amarante, PortugalBacker

Amarante, Portugal

It is something that most of us “urban white collars” have no notion of. By capturing them on frames I can remind myself of the wide spectrum of which our society is built upon – without these workers much of our comforts would not be possible. Bless them!

Serra da Estrela, PortugalGardener

Serra da Estrela, Portugal

Marraquech, Morroco Snake whisperer

Marraquech, Morroco
Snake whisperer

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