What can be more fulfilling than being in the middle of nowhere lost in contemplation? This is one of the greatest motivations to trek. I always imagine what the feeling must it be to set foot on a piece of the world where no other human has ever set foot. Something almost unattainable to achieve now-a-days…or maybe not!

 I found this article on the net that makes me think that it’s probably impossible to  step anywhere on this planet that hasn’t been already stepped by a human being…pity.

How Many People Have Ever Lived on Earth?” is one of PRB’s most popular articles. First published in 1995 and updated in 2002, this latest 2011 article includes data through mid-2011 and a short video explaining the estimate.

Reference: Population Reference Bureau

16 responses to “doubt

  1. Thank you! Sometimes I find it difficult to explain why I love being in the middle of nowhere, alone with my thoughts, but you have just expressed what i have been trying to say! :-)

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