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    • Hi! I did the full French Camino for the first time in 2002 and have been back there to do the North route, the Primitivo, the Aragones and the Portuguese, totaling 7 times :)

      I have the privilege of living just next door to Spain, so to say, taking off for the Camino is no big hassel. I hope you enjoyed it. Which route did you do?

      • Congratulations on the lucky 7! You are lucky to live next door to Spain. I live on the west coast of the US so its an expensive long flight for me to get there. I walked the French route. As I only get a max of 3 weeks vacation a year I couldn’t do the whole route. Sadly. I walked 11 days from Ponferrada to Santiago. I LOVED it.

      • As the Spaniards say, “te quedaste enganchada” – you got hook to the Camino! I know of no one who’s ever done it and hasn’t left a bit of their heart spread on those paths. One feels it when walking :)

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